April Wine - 
Wings Of Love

I don't wanna go downtown
I don't wanna move
Don't wanna stay this way
Missing you the way I do
Wishing you were here
Wish I could be with you
Maybe I should call you
I don't know
There's something you should see
That doesn't show
I don't wanna start that again
But I can't forget the way
Things might have been
I'd like to see you
Once more if I could
But chances are my chances
Aren't too good

The wings of love have carried her away
The door of fate is closed the angels say

Maybe I should go downtown
I hear the weather's warm
No need ot stay inside
How can I forget this mornings's news
It means as much to me as it does to you


I know things won't change
You've said goodbye
But I can lose this feeling if I try