The Bangles Quiz

Test your Bangles Knowledge!

1. The Bangles recorded a top 40 hit for which soundtrack?


   Less Than Zero

   St Elmo's Fire

2. Susannah Hoffs is married to what Hollywood director?

   Cameron Crowe

   James Cameron

   Jay Roach

3. Prince wrote the song "Manic Monday" under what alias?


   Alexander Nevermind

   Great Balls of Fire

4. What other group did the Bangles manager Miles Copeland manage at one time?

   Guns N Roses

   The Go Go's

   Spandau Ballet

5. What is the title of the song The Bangles recorded for the Austin Powers-The Spy Who Shagged Me Soundtrack?

   Get The Girl

   Yeah Baby

   All She Wants

6. Which band member was a member of the girl group "The Runaways"?

   Debbi Peterson

   Susannah Hoffs

   Michael Steele

7. Which of the song titles below is a title of a song from Susanna Hoffs 1991 solo album?

   My Side of The Bed

   Water Under The Bridge Rises

   A Rose is Still A Rose

8. What year was the album "Different Light" released?




9. What was the first single released off of the "Everything" album?

   Eternal Flame

   In Your Room

   Be With You

10. Susannah Hoffs appeared in which of the movies below.

   My Chauffer

   Just One of the Guys

   The Allnighter