Hip Hop Quiz

Test your Old Skool knowledge.

1. This rap group had a hit with Yeah, Yeah, Yeah

   JJ Fad

   Nice and Smooth

   Oaktown 3-5-7

   De La Soul

2. His first album was named "Youngest In Charge"

   LL Cool J

   Special Ed

   Chi Ali

   Dj Quik

3. Which rap artist below did not perform on the De La Soul song "Buddy"?

   Q Tip

   Monie Love

   Jungle Brothers

   Busta Rhymes

4. Who co-wrote "Funky Cold Medina" and "Wild Thing" with Tone Loc?

   King Sun

   Dr Dre

   Dougie Fresh

   Young MC

5. LL Cool J's "Going Back To Cali" was featured on what soundtrack?

   To Live and Die in LA

   Less Than Zero

   LA Story

   Earth Girls are Easy

6. West coast rapper The DOC's career was cut short because

   He was shot in a gang shooting and left injured

   He was dropped by his label

   He was seriously injured in a car crash

   He decided to become a producer

7. What was the first rap album to go platinum?

   Mc Hammer-Please Hammer Don't Hurt Em

   The Beastie Boys-License To Ill

   Run DMC-Raisin Hell

   Vanilla Ice-To The Extreme

8. The late Buffy of the Fat Boys has a child with what hip hop star?

   Yo Yo

   Mc Lyte

   Little Kim

   Queen Pen

9. What Hip Hop inspired movie did Blair Underwood star in?

   The Last Dragon

   Wild Style

   Krush Groove

   House Party

10. Which rap group had a hit with "Black Steele in the Hour of Chaos"?

   Run DMC

   Public Enemy

   The Beastie Boys

   2 Live Crew