Do You Know Your Scary Movies?

How well do you know the horror movies of the 80s? Test your knowledge.

1. Laurence Fishburne appeared in what horror movie?

   Fright Night


   Nightmare on Elm Street 3

2. How many Nightmare on Elm Street movies did Heather Langencamp appear in?




3. Which horror movie featured a character named Jerboa?

   The Howling Part 3

   Halloween 3


4. What 2001 Oscar nominee appeared in the 1982 film "CreepShow"?

   Tom Hanks

   Ed Harris

   Russell Crowe

5. Who played vampire Jerry Dandridge in "Fright Night"?

   Sam Elliott

   Stephen King

   Chris Sarandon

6. Who was the first vampire killed in "The Lost Boys"




7. Which film series featured a character named Michael Myers?



   Friday The 13th

8. In "Hello Mary Lou, Prom Night 2", how did Mary Lou meet her demise in the 1950's?

   She was killed in a drunk driving accident

   Her prom dress was set afire in a prank

   Her prom date choked her to death

9. To date, how many films were their in The Nightmare on Elm Street Series?




10. Amanda Bearse, "Marcy" of "Married With Children" appeared in what horror flick?

   Nightmare on Elm Street

   Creepshow 2

   Fright Night