Name That Jackson


How well do you know Michael, Janet, and the rest of the Jackson clan.

1. This Jackson had a hit with the song "Centipede"





2. Michael co-wrote "We Are the World with what artist?

   Quincy Jones

   Diana Ross

   Lionell Ritchie

   Dionne Warwick

3. The group 3T is comprised of which Jackson 5 members sons?





4. This Jackson had a hit with "Heart Don't Lie"

   La Toya




5. Janet Jackson "Control" produced how many top ten hits?





6. This Jackson had a 1980 hit with "Let's Get Serious"





7. What was the name of Janet Jacksons character on the tv series Fame?





8. Who is a God parent to Michael Jacksons two children?

   Macaughly Culkin

   Emmanuel Lewis

   Brooke Shields

   Arsenio Hall

9. Which Jackson recorded a song with Eddie Murphy?



   La Toya


10. Jennifer Lopez appeared in what Janet Jackson video?


   Rhythm Nation


   That's The Way Love Goes