Do you know your 80's Movies?


Just a fun little quiz about movies of the 80s.

1. Keanu Reeves and Lori Loughlin were on the prom date from hell in what movie?

   Prom Night

   The Night Before

   April Fools Day

2. In what Texas city did the movie "The Legend of Billie Jean" take place?



   Corpus Christi

3. Who actor portrayed "Ducky" in the movie "Pretty in Pink"?

   Emilio Estevez

   John Cryer

   John Cusak

4. What actor portrayed "Mouth" in "The Goonies"?

   Corey Haim

   River Phoenix

   Corey Feldman

5. In the movie "Stand By Me" the boys were on a mission to do what?

   Build a treehouse

   Lose their virginity

   Find a dead body

6. What was the name of the character Madonna portrayed in "Who's That Girl"?

   Nikki Finn

   Angie Rizzaro

   Tracey Smith

7. What was the name of Irene Cara's character in the movie "Fame"?




8. What made the movie "Under The Cherry Moon" unique?

   The film was in French

   It was 3 hours long

   It was in black and white

9. Which "Star Wars" movie featured The Ewoks?

   Star Wars

   The Empire Strikes Back

   Return of the Jedi

10. Which of the actors below played the bad guy in the movie "Streets of Fire"?

   Bruce Willis

   William Dafoe

   Samuel Jackson