One Hit Wonder

Match the one hit wonder with the song.

1. Kajagoogoo

   Whisper to a scream

   Mexican Radio

   Too Shy

2. Haircut 100

   The Futures So Bright, I Gotta Wear Shades

   Love Plus One

   Just Got Lucky

3. Pretty Poison


   Voices Carry

   Catch Me I'm Fallin

4. The Waitresses

   I Know What Boys Like

   I Want Candy

   Pleasure and Pain

5. Stacey Q

   Point of No Return

   Two of Hearts

   Toy Soldiers

6. Timex Social Club

   Living in a Box

   Just Got Paid


7. Romeo Void

   Harden My Heart

   Never Say Never

   Loveand Pride

8. A Taste of Honey

   Life in a Northern Town

   Puttin on the Ritz


9. Q Feel

   The Safety Dance

   Dancing in Heaven (Orbital B Bop)

   I Like It

10. Murry Head


   Always Something Their To Remind Me

   One Night In Bangkok