Rick Springfield Quiz

By I Miss the 80's

Test your Rick Springfield Knowledge

1. Where was Rick Springfield born?

   London, England

   Cleveland, Ohio

   Sydney, Australia

2. What was Rick's characters name on General Hospital?

   Robert Scorpio

   Noah Drake

   Frisco Jones

3. Which Rick Springfield song was featured in the film "Boogie Nights"?

   Jessie's Girl

   Bop Til You Drop

   Don't Talk to Strangers

4. How old did Rick turn this year?




5. In what city can you catch Rick in EFX Alive?

   Atlantic City, New Jersey

   Branson, Missouri

   Las Vegas, Nevada

6. In his song "Bruce", which Bruce was Rick referring to?

   Bruce Jenner

   Bruce Springstein

   Bruce Willis

7. In what year was "Hard To Hold" released?




8. Which of the songs below was featured on the "Hard To Hold" soundtrack?

   Jessie's Girl

   What Kinda Fool Am I

   Bop Til You Drop

9. When is EFX Alive with Rick Springfield scheduled to end it's run?

   November 2001

   December 2001

   January 2002

10. What year did Rick win the Grammy for Best Male performance for the song "Jessie's Girl"?