Teen Favorites

How well do you know the teen idols of the 80s

1. Molly Ringwald played a pregnant teen in what movie?

   Fresh Horses

   For Keeps

   Betsys Wedding

   16 Candles

2. This soap star had a huge radio hit with the song "Rock On"

   John Stamos

   Rick Springfield

   Michael Damien

   Michael E. Knight

3. According to "E True Hollywood Story-New Kids On the Block", which New Kid dated pop star Tiffany?

   Joey McIntire

   Jordan Knight

   Jonathen Knight

   Donnie Wahlberg

4. Candace Cameron from Full House appeared in which of the following videos?

   Whitney Houston-How Will I Know

   John Mellancamp-R.O.C.K In the USA

   Tiffany-I Think We're Alone Now

   Debbie Gibson-Electric Youth

5. Shannen Dougherty starred with Chad Allen in what television show?

   Little House on The Prairie

   Our House

   Just The Ten of Us

   Beverly Hills 90210

6. Scott Baio starred in which of the following movies?

   Transylvania 6500

   The Night Before


   Valley Girl

7. What all girl group was Joan Jett a member of?

   The Runaways

   The Bangles

   The Go Go's


8. What actress had a supporting role in the film "Satisfaction"?

   Kim Bassinger

   Demi Moore

   Julia Roberts

   Drew Barrymore

9. What song was Duran Durans first American number one single?


   Hungry Like The Wolf

   The Reflex

   Wild Boys

10. Rick Springfield recorded which of these odd named songs?

   De Do Do Do, De Da Da Da

   Karma Chameleon

   Bop Til You Drop

   Dancing In Heaven, Orbital Be Bop